Walt Disney World’s Yacht Club’s Club Level Lounge – The post covid treatment you deserve!

By Chris Oakes, KTTC Owner & Travel Advisor

Keys to the Castle was able to explore Walt Disney World’s Yacht Club’s Club Level Lounge, aptly named the Regatta Club on it’s first full weekend from reopening post-closure for the pandemic. 

The Yacht Club is a beautiful deluxe level Walt Disney World resort which shares some amenities, such as their famous sand-bottomed pool with Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort. Keys to the Castle often suggests the Yacht Club over the Beach Club, however, because most of the rooms have full balconies at the Yacht Club, but at the Beach Club, some rooms do not have a full balcony. 

But is the extra cost of club level worth it? We think so! At most Walt Disney World deluxe resorts, Club Level is available, and it adds a few extra levels of service including turn down service, as well as access to your very own concierge cast members on the floor where your room is to quickly accommodate your every need. However, most people find the biggest benefit of staying Club Level is gaining access to the Club Level Lounge. 

At the Yacht Club, the Regatta Club is open all throughout the day for your enjoyment with snacks and drinks available throughout the day. Generally, the schedule is as follows: 

6:30-7:00am: Coffee 

7:00-10:30am: Coffee and Breakfast 

11:00-4:00pm: Midday Snacks

5:00-7:00pm: Hot Appetizers

8:00-10:00pm: Desserts and Cordials

As you can see, breakfast can be a full meal here with hot options in addition to your standard continental breakfast items. And who doesn’t love Mickey shaped sugar cubes for your coffee, or even your fancier drink from the Nespresso machines in the Regatta Club! The midday snacks usually include chips, other snacks, and often Uncrustables. This lunch option is not the best, as it’s meant to be just snacks, but it is easy for a family to maximize their value by eating their lunch here. 

The evening opportunities are the best, having multiple hot items, often cheese boards, and several other snack items. During this time, beer, wine, and champagne are also available. The alcohol is always available if you ask, but during the 5-7pm timeframe, it is out for serving. This alone can help people find value in staying Club Level! It is easy, also, to make this a full meal for dinner. And who doesn’t love some dessert options later in the evening, as well! Out during desserts for serving include cordials such as Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahluha, and Frangelica just to name a few! 

Did we mention that fruit and soft drinks are available all day, as well as Mickey ice cream bars?! The kids will call it the best vacation ever! 

Staying “club” gives you a nice advantage to enhance your vacation experience to add that level of luxury that you may be looking for. And while adding cost, you can maximize that cost by having many of your meals at the club. Book here for your next adventure!