How Disney Treating Yourself Can Enhance Your Travel Experiences

By: Laura Oakes, KTTC Travel Advisor 

Disney Travel (off) a Budget

Travel planning often means creating a budget first and letting that dictate all the details of the trip. Now, I’m not telling you to plan like you are the long-lost Kardashian sibling (if only!), but if covid taught us anything, you never know what is around the corner. How many times have you said, “One day we’ll stay at the bigger hotel….” or “Next trip, we’ll bring more family…” Creating lasting, joyful memories in 2023 will definitely be a priority for many in the new year. So why not let those ideas create the travel planning? 

The Contemporary Club level 1 bedroom is a great option for those of you looking for a little extra space and comfort. After a long day at the park, everyone has the space to relax and spread out. Kitchen space with a full-size fridge, dining table and counter space to prepare snacks and meals is a great bonus when you have a bigger room. Especially when traveling with kids, having space to eat and sitting down together to actually enjoy the meal is a luxury worth spending a little extra for. Love having meals outside to enjoy the warm breeze and soak up all the magic that’s always in the air at Disney? A deck with ample room for everyone is a part of the club level rooms to sit around a table and enjoy a meal or just soak up the sights of Magic Kingdom all aglow. 

Club level affords you other conveniences as well. Snacks are conveniently  available at all times during the day with meals at the typical morning , noon and evening times. Want to grab a quick breakfast and be off to the parks? There are no lines to wait in, or orders to place because Club Level offers a wide variety of breakfast goodies, as well as full lunch and dinner choices to keep your family satisfied. We like to get to the park at Rope Drop so getting up and out is our style. Grabbing a bagel and juice and heading out to the parks is the perfect way to start the day. Taking a mid-day break and heading back to the hotel allows us to recharge and eat comfortably. If your kids don’t like the sandwich you ordered for them -not to worry! Just grab another option from the delicious spread laid for you. You can take as much or as little as you like!

Finally, the space that the one bedroom affords you allows for more family or friends to join you on your adventures! My husband’s mom and aunt love to travel with our girls. We love having the opportunity to share these trips with them as well, but we also don’t like to be cramped in tight quarters. Having the one bedroom on the Club Level has sleep space separate from lounge space, separate from kitchen space- rather than your bed for sleeping, eating and lounging 🙂 

Budgets can be important when travel planning; but families and memories are important too. So don’t wait to take that amazing trip.